Today in the city Ashton 24.07.2017
Here's everything we know about Aston Martin's $3 million Valkyrie hypercar

In March 2016, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing announced to the world plans for what they called the "ultimate hypercar." Over the past year or so, details surrounding the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar...

Moon Dust Collected by Neil Armstrong to Be Sold at Auction

Moon dust collected by Neil Armstrong during the first lunar landing is being sold at a New York auction.

The net neutrality Day of Action counter-protest is a complete joke

Just because everyone's against you doesn't mean it has to look that way.  That appears to be the thinking of FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy group behind the dubiously titled Unlock The In...

Day of Action: How Facebook, Google, and More Supported for Net Neutrality

On a Day of Action in support of net neutrality, internet giants showed their supports a variety of ways.

Why You'll See Calls For Action Across The Web Today

Today is a national day of action, but you likely won't see people protesting in the streets and carrying signs. Instead, this fight is taking place across the web, where some of the biggest tech comp...

Ashton Kutcher, Rules And Red Lines For Dating At Work Are Important

Ashton Kutcher has been berated for his suggestions to help women in the workplace, but, believe it or not, laying out rules for dating at work can help women advance their careers.

Once A Bustling Black Enclave, East Austin Residents Make A Suburban Exodus

The community "doesn't really exist anymore as it did," one former resident of East Austin said. Even the local pastor, who served for 30 years, says he's been pushed out by rising home prices.

How you can fight to save net neutrality on the Day of Action and beyond

Five years ago, the internet successfully rallied against two pieces of legislation that activists argued would have destabilized the internet and stifled free speech. Now, the online community is usi...

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